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Repair Services Under the Same Roof


Repair of motors, pumps and much more

Since it began operation, EMS SEIMEC has successfully carried out numerous projects involving electromechanical repairs, dynamic balancing and machining for a variety of sectors, including the following:

  • Pulp and paper mills

  • Steel and metal

  • Hydroelectric generating plant equipment

  • Mines and quarries

  • Chemical and petrochemical

  • Rubber and polymers

  • Food

  • Textiles

  • Printing

  • Machinery

  • Ventilation and air conditioning

  • Pumps and compressors

  • Traction motors for locomotives

  • Alternators for locomotives

  • All-purpose alternators


Repairs and reconditioning

Our team of experts can handle the repair and the reconditioning of the following parts and equipment:

  • AC/DC electric rotating machines, up to 10,000 HP, 110 to 6,600 Volts

  • 50 to 400 cycle alternators

  • Generators

  • Low- and medium-Voltage transformers

  • Clutches

  • Electromagnets

  • Pumps

  • Gearboxes

  • Brushless DC motors

  • Low-, medium- and high-Voltage winding and modifications to high-Voltage winding



  • Ability to handle motors weighing up to 15 tons

  • Ability to work with AC and DC motors, alternators, generators, transformers, traction motors for locomotives and industrial reduction gears

  • We have the proper equipment for repairing, testing and evaluating up to 10,000 HP



  • General machining and welding

  • Capacity to machine large parts

  • Lathes:

    • Ponar-Tarnow: 22'' diameter x 10’ long

    • Puller, hydraulic, 50-ton capacity

  • Power Team press, hydraulic, 50-ton capacity

  • Puller, hydraulic, 50-ton capacity


Dynamic balancing

  • Vibrations are an indicator of the proper functioning of a machine

  • All repaired rotating parts are tested on our Schenk Cab 720 machine

  • DC armatures, AC rotors, turbines, fans, gears, magnet wheels

  • Hoffman balance bench with a capacity of 20’/15,000 lb.



  • Superior-quality work

  • Superior-quality materials, such as Pulse shield magnetic wire

  • Work on high-performance or conventional winders

  • We keep a complete history of our work on all motors

  • All windings are surge and HiPot verified

  • All laminations are verified using the thermographic core loss test (model 1081B tester)

  • Windings manufactured using the automatic SCHLEIGHT WM4500 machine


Impregnating varnish (VPI)

  • Use of polyester varnish for enhanced quality of impregnation into windings and maintenance of the proper temperature using a chiller

  • Vat measuring 72'' in diameter x 11’ deep

  • Crystallization furnace

    • 72'' wide x 96'' deep x 84'' high

    • fuelled by natural gas

  • Bake oven

    • 96'' wide x 108'' deep x 108'' high

    • fuelled by natural gas


Tests and analyses

  • In order to produce an accurate written report of electrical analyses (0 to 4,160 Volts AC and 0 to 600 Volts DC)

  • In order to produce mechanical report and variations for all repaired rotating equipment

  • 225 KVA

    • 60/120/240/460/1500/2400/5000 Volts CA

  • 0-600 Volts CC/200 amperes

  • 0-250 Volts CC/10 amperes

  • IRD model 810 vibration analyser

  • Surge/HiPot: CC 500V/1000V/12000V

  • HiPot: CA, 0-35000V

View of parts inside an electric motor
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